Betfair Sports & Exchange Review

Betfair Sportsbook is one of the most widely recognised online betting sites you can choose to bet at. Whatever you want to bet on, Betfair Sports will have it, with the best software and betting bonuses online!

Welcome Bonus and Promotions at Betfair Sportsbook

Betfair Sports offers some supreme sports promotions, which you can take advantage of as they usually run daily. What’s more, there are a couple of sports betting bonuses available too when you get started, depending if you’re betting in Betfairs’ sports book or the Betfair exchange. We explain the difference below:

Sports Betting Promotions

Betfair Sports Betting Exchange also offers the best odds guaranteed and a unique concept called ‘Price Rush’, which means you’ll have the opportunity to boost your odds whilst in play! What’s more, you can also cash out your singles and multiples. There are more promotions and other fun things to take advantage of, so it’s best to check out the Betfair ‘promotions’ page to see what’s currently happening, as the promotions do change from time to time.

Games and Events Offered at Betfair Sports

The Betfair website is very well designed, and it’s easy to find the markets and sports you want to bet on, or browse your way around. Don’t forget that Betfair is also an all-around gambling site because, from one site and one wallet, you can also enjoy online casino games, slots and online poker if you want to play those.

You probably already know that Betfair Sports is the pioneer of online sports betting exchanges. If you’re not sure what the difference between an online sports book and an online sports betting exchange is, then we explain below:

Betting exchanges like Betfair, allow customers to place sports bets against each other. This makes it a little more exciting than fixed odds against the brand/house as you’ll usually get fantastic odds as well. Betfair sports are not just betting exchanges, however, as they also allow their customers to bet on fixed odds, making themselves a highly regarded online bookmaker.

Games and Markets Offer: You can bet on practically everything at Betfair Sports as they cover most sports and markets, including all of the main markets such as Tennis, Horse-racing, World Cup, Grey Hound Racing, Ice Hockey, Gaelic Games, Motor Sports, Basketball, and so many more.
If you want to place a bet with Betfair’s fixed odds, then just click on the 'Book Maker' tab. If you want to bet against others in the exchange, then click on the 'Sports Exchange' tab and get started.

betfair sports betting

Odds Offered at Betfair Sports

Betfair Sports offers some of the best odds online, especially if you opt to bet in Betfair's Exchange (Note: that Betfair can take up to 5% in commissions from winnings in the betting exchange) Expect to find competitive odds in Betfair' Sportsbook, which are comparable to other top online bookies such as Ladbrokes Sport, 888 Sport and also LeoVegas Sports.

BetFair Cash Out - Explained

Betfair ‘Cash Out’ function is available for selected Betfair Exchange markets. Betfair Cashout allows you to make a profit or to limit your loss and liability before a specific betting event has been completed.

It’s simple how it works: Instead of having to calculate the potential in-play trade yourself, Betfair does the math for you and offers you a rate for your bet, which is based on the current market odds.

Live Betting at Betfair

Betfair offers fantastic quality live video coverage on all UK and Irish Horse racing, so you can even watch the race you’ve bet on it, all in real-time and quickly as it's available online on your computer or mobile. What’s more, the odds are updated every second. Click on the' In Play' tab to access live ‘In Play’ betting options.

Live Streaming at Betfair

As mentioned above, Betfair Sports also offers live streaming options. All you need to do is click on the ‘Live Video’ tab to see what streams are live and which are upcoming for the day. There’s quite a large range of sports available to stream, including football, tennis, greyhound racing, horse racing, snooker, darts, basketball, cricket and hockey.

Mobile Betting at Betfair

Betfair Sport offers an excellent mobile app on both android and iOS systems, which you can download easily, but at the same time, it’s just as easy to visit Betfair’s Mobile site and place your bets, it's straightforward. On Betfair's mobile site, it’s straightforward to see events and matches, make bets and even watch live events on the streaming service.

Customer Support Options at Betfair

Depositing and Withdrawing at Betfair

Summary – What Do We Think?

Betfair Sport is one of the biggest and best UK betting sites online, which is not only an online bookmaker, but also an online exchange as well. It’s also very safe and secure, not to mention reliable as Betfair has a spotless reputation. Betfair Sports started out in 2000 and has since then become one of the most well-known online Sportsbooks and betting exchanges in the world.

You can feel safe when making online bets with a company like Betfair, which is a company that has gone from strength to strength for a reason. With over 1 million active customers and a turnover exceeding £50 million per week, Betfair can make the claim to be the world’s largest betting exchange and online bookmaker, so if you want to give them a try, visit them below ad see for yourself, and what’s more, you can get started easily by claiming a free £20 bet!

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